Note:   Our office hours will be limited. We’ll not be worshiping in person this Sunday, but we will still be presenting worship online.  

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During this series, we are reliving the last week of Jesus as he nears the cross
Bracken UMC worship online 3/29/20 “The Week That Changed Everything: Thursday”
Bracken UMC worship online 3/22/20 “The Week That Changed Everything: Wednesday”
Bracken UMC Traditional worship online 3/15/20 “The Week That Changed Everything: Tuesday”
Contemporary Worship online 3/15/20 “The Week That Changed Everything: Tuesday”

Bracken UMC Sermon 3/1/20 Rev. Barbara Aziz, Mark 11: 1-11 “The Week That Changed Everything: Sunday” 

Pastor Barbara’s sermon from 2/23/2020, John 14:15-27 “Embrace the PEACE Found in Christ”
Bracken UMC Sermon, Rev. Barbara Aziz, 2/9/2020, Luke 10:25-37 “Embrace the LOVE Found in Christ”
Pastor Barbara’s 2/2/20 sermon on Matthew 5:1-16, 7:28-29 Embrace the LOVE Found in Christ” 
Jesus’ first sermon was the Beatitudes of Blessings. These words set the whole stage for his ministry of a radical love for all, especially those on the margins.
Here is Pastor Dawn’s sermon from 1/26/2020. John 16:16-33 Embrace the JOY Found in Christ
Jesus repeatedly told the disciples that he would suffer, die and rise again, but they were deep in denial. It is here that he is very blunt with them, but promises a joy in the midst of a sorrow that no one can take away. 
Here is Pastor Barbara’s sermon from 1/19/2020 on the Parable of the Prodigal Son or the Welcome of the Compassionate Father. Luke 15:11-32 “Embrace the JOY Found in Christ”  
Pastor Barbara Aziz’ sermon 1/05/2020 /
Pastor Dawn Baird’s sermon 12/29/2019
Pastor Barbara Aziz’ sermon from All Saints/Heritage Sunday on 11/3/19.
Pastor Barbara Aziz’ sermon from 10/6/19. “Yes Lord, BUT, the Future is Uncertain”
A short 3 minute video on the history of the United Methodist Church.  


A short 2 minute video on what it means to be saved.